Apr. 6th, 2015

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The variant cover for Ghostbusters: Get Real (the IDW/RGB crossover) melted my brain. I can't brain anymore.

Poor IDW!Janine, though!
serendipity8791: from an alternate cover by Erica Henderson (E/J Almost Kissing)

Cropped out is his hand on her shoulder, and from the angle his arm is around her and he's pulling her in to kiss her.

Oh, and movie/IDW!Janine is in tears in the background, because movie/IDW!Egon is about to kiss her self from an alternate dimension.

But it's Egon/Janine on a cover! *hearteyes*


Apr. 6th, 2015 10:51 pm
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Of course, now that I need to re-write a sex scene (that is always so awkard, I prefer to do one take and have it over with to that). I feel the need to write something else.

I want to write a pre-Ghostbusters-as-a-business flashback-fest, where Ray, Peter and Egon reminisce over their years doing research together at Columbia, and all the stuff that happened during that time, small things, but big things too. Peter illicitly having sexual encounters with women in the office they all shared, to hilarious results when Ray and Egon walk in on him. Egon getting the call that his father has fallen ill. Ray getting the call about his parents' plane crash. Peter and Ray setting Egon drunk for the heck of it by spiking his soda with liquor (again with hilarious results of Egon getting uninhibited and things get funny-weird until he ends up with his head down a toilet or puking in a trash can, and the next day, he's hungover and mad as heck at the both of them). Peter, repeatedly trying to get Egon dates, only for Egon to successfully unload them on Ray, who gets lots of action for a time, until Peter figures out what Egon is up to. Late nights brainstorming and working in their office together, with too much fast food and junk food and gallons of coffee to stay awake.

Stuff like that.

Sorry for the wall of text, I was just brainstorming, but I really want to write that.

No smarm, no h/c beyond dealing with a bit of normal-in-one's-life grief and men being uncomfortable around each other when emotions show, and shenanigans.


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