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Title: Cicer Arietinum Interruptus
Fandom: Ghostbusters (movie/comic-verse)
Warnings: Unedited, raw WIP; also, spoilers for the latest issue of the comic.
Rating: G
Characters: Egon, Janine (hints at pre-Egon/Janine)

Fic be after the jump.


Jan. 27th, 2016 07:41 pm
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Egon's been an injury magnet lately.Spoilers for the first issue of Volume 3. )
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I've been busy, with a lot of things.

John and I joined a different Pagan denomination (more on that in a separate post) and there is homework and required reading and experience-logging to do, and meeting with people to ritualize and drink... LOL. But the people are lovely and we always look forward to spending more time with them.

Work has also been crazy up until it dwindled this week, due to the Holidays.

But I've been writing and plotting a multi-chapter fan fiction, and bweeeee! I'm excited. I have a fairly concrete outline for some of the things, and yeah, it's going good. I'm still excited about writing it after I get some of it down in a document. I'll explain more about it in another post, because my lunch is almost over.

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OBVIOUSLY SPOILERS, for the comic, that is!

Non-trivial evidence that one Dr. Spengler isn't completely immune to one Ms. Melnitz' charms. Cut for length and to spare your friends lists. )

Heavily edited from its twin in LJ, mostly because I got screen capture happy.


Aug. 22nd, 2015 10:52 pm
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If someone wants to watch a replay of me playing roughly 50 minutes of Ghostbusters: The Video Game, with my French Canadian accent, and whining at the bits I don't like, and talking to John and replying to stuff people said in chat but that I couldn't see... Go here.
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I wrote an Egon/Janine fic yesterday that could qualify as hurt/comfort, but more hurt and angst than comfort.

I mused, a little while ago, that I don't think he'd realize fully that he does have feelings for this woman, unless he came really close to losing her in a fearful way, not in a "she has yet another boyfriend that reminds me of myself *eyeroll*" kind of way. The IDW canon has made it clear he's interested, without saying it explicitly, but you still don't have to read too much between the lines to find evidence he's not indifferent.

I'll post the evidence here, when I can, because I'm about to start work in about a dozen minutes and don't have time to elaborate. While the writer keeps repeating that not everything is a subplot, and things that were supposed to be subplots turned into nothing at all from the story being taken elsewhere, and other things not meant to be subplot were taken as such. But I think his opinion is very much that he's a bit of a shipper, he just hasn't had the okay to make the relationship move forward.

He did put Roger "Loverboy" Baugh on a bus, though, so we'll see where that goes, for Volume 3, which is due to start next Spring (yay!). (For what it's worth, I did like Roger. He was a good, well-meaning boyfriend, and he seemed to love Janine deeply. But their relationship did get awkward after he found out Janine kissed Egon - long story - and I think that was why he took that teaching position in San Francisco and asked her to move with him, to get her away from his rival. Poor Roger.)
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*sigh* I've taken to writing and not finishing stuff again. I have so many WiPs I don't know what to do with them, or myself. Some are even multi-chapter.

I feel like grabbing and shaking myself yelling: "Finish what you start, woman!" XD
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I posted on the IDW boards about the announcement regarding Volume 3, and Fritz replied (he's elated, lol)...

I don't know if I should hide in the recesses of fandom, feel dirty, or try to make a friend (he'd get on my nerves, but I do sometimes agree with him).
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We have three more issues of Ghostbusters: Get Real coming (the movieverse/Real Ghostbusters crossover).

Next, we're getting a Ghostbusters Annual comic in the fall.

Burnham is working on an "Abridged" Tobin's Spirit Guide with Kyle Hotz (who penciled and inked Ghostbusters: Infestation) with Insight Editions (looks like the publisher will have more than one Ghostbusters-related product coming, including something on the history of the franchise, whether that is history of the Ghostbusters as a fictional business, or of the franchise as a whole, I have no clue). I'm not sure if Hotz will be illustrating, since he's also a writer, so he may well be co-writing it with Burnham. I would have preferred Tristan Jones as artist, because his stuff is deliciously creepy and eerie. But if Hotz pencils and inks, it should be pretty good, as he can also do creepy pretty well.

And, finally...


IDW Ghostbusters Ongoing, Volume 3, Status: CONFIRMED! Coming in 2016!!! *happy dance* I actually screamed out loud when I saw Erik Burnham's tweet.

That is not counting the new movie, which, I know, opinions are divided on. I'm excited and refuse to judge it until I've seen the final product. I like the looks of what I am seeing, so far. I like the cast, how they look, how the equipment looks (different, but neat in its own way), how the costumes look. I can't wait until we have a trailer, to start being able to gauge things, while hopefully still having surprises in the movie. I've watched some bystander videos and I've been spoiled for a few things, if they make the final cut, but I'll be hush-hush on here unless something really exciting comes up, then I'll put it under a cut.


Jul. 2nd, 2015 08:20 am
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I often have my own commentary running through my head while reading stuff, and I am thinking of doing posts where I re-read the IDW Ghostbusters comics and doing my thing, like posting dialogue and/or scans/screengrabs (because I have digital versions on top of hard copies) with my thoughts or captions underneath.

I'm also thinking of opening a WordPress blog about geeky things, so I'm not sure if I should do the above plan on there, on Dreamwidth/LJ or on Tumblr. I think Tumblr might be best for this sort of thing, but I'm meh about it in general.

Now I just need to decide where I do this.
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But we ran out of boxes, so we wound up unpacking some stuff, then doing multiple runs back and forth between the old place and the new, which lasted until Wednesday (good thing too, because even though I paid Canada Post to forward my mail, a package we were waiting for was delivered to the old place THAT day when we were almost on our way out for the last time, I should call and yell at Canada Post for that).

So now we're pretty much done with the old place. Just need to turn in my keys, but I have until the end of the month for that.

The place is still a mess because due to the running around for half the week, we didn't exactly feel like unpacking aside from the stuff that needed to be so we could use those boxes. It's been an exhausting "vacation" week, to say the least. I'm almost going to be glad to go back to work. Today we're chilling, until we get to go pick John's friend up at his work at the airport, then going to lunch with him, before driving home, then it's going to be laundry, and unpacking stuff until bed time (punctuated with breaks for food, but we have enough Haitian rice and beans to feed an army right now).

Charlie-bird is acclimating pretty well, mind you, as long as I'm there, she knows she isn't being abandoned, so that helps, but I'm not sure how she'll react to the first work week.

This place is definitely smaller than the old one, and we may have to continue purging in the weeks and months to come. Oh, well, we have too much stuff anywyay.

Speaking of stuff, our first piece of "mail" here, aside from the confirmation of change of address from Canada Post, was a food processor John ordered with our Air Miles points, and it's AMAZING. We've already made coleslaw twice with it (in seconds, holy crap!) and soft-serve frozen yogurt from yogurt and frozen fruit that was deliciously tart. OMNOMNOM.

Our second pieces of mail was a fanzine I had a little Egon/Janine fluff thing published in, along with the change-of-address sticker for my driver's license.
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And wanted to show a picture of Chris Pratt before his weight loss to a co-worker, just because. And I suddenly noticed something...

 photo Untitled_1.jpg

The guy on the left is my fiancé, the guy on the right is Mr Pratt.

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Three more nights left before we officially move.

John is taking Friday off in order to finish packing odds and ends we've been using this week and need to pack by Saturday.

John's brother, Brian, and his work friend (who both work for a moving company) are still currently scheduled to come by around dinnertime to move us. This may change, if they're available earlier. The work friend doesn't work Saturday and Brian might, but it's not sure yet. If not, we pick up the truck at 2pm, and they can start moving us right away, which means we should be done by about 6pm or 7pm at the latest.

And next week, John and I are on vacation, so we can take our time unpacking and whatnot.
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We spoke with John's brother, and he basically told us to tell him which date we needed him and one or two co-workers to help move, and they'd be there, preferably on weekends, since they work less hours on weekends and would be able to show up around suppertime.

So, we're moving June 6th. :D We'll still have the keys to the old place until July 31st, if we want, because we'll have paid rent for the whole month, but that is still when my lease ends, so, if we still have stuff to pack/clean/do, we can still go back and do that. I doubt we'll still have packing left to do, but cleaning might still be ongoing after we move. So we might actually go back and do that and give back the keys on the Sunday. So, yay for that.

So, we get the keys in 16 days and are moving in 25 days! Less than a month.

We won't have internet installed until the 8th, though, but that'll give us incentive to unpack and finish cleanups and stuff since we won't have much else to do. At any rate, if we want to go online, we have our phones.
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[personal profile] ilthit, the Wild Hunt blog has an article on Paganism and Heathenry in the Republic of Finland.

I thought you might find it interesting. It's from an North American perspective, so things might not be very detailed and there may be things that are inaccurate. But! An article about Paganism in Finland! :D

So yeah, I thought of you. :)
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Temperatures reached 22 Celsius yesterday. And the heat in both our apartment building and the building where I work are still on.

As a result, we are currently boiling in this office.

Like, I am covered in sweat and not feeling all that great (I deal poorly with heat, especially with little to no breeze).

Ugh, I already feel like I need a new shower.


Oooh yay!

Apr. 14th, 2015 07:41 am
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John and I are trying to have a baby, and I'm currently on a "get pregnant soon, or we're putting you on Metformin" schedule from the doctor.

Of COURSE I have to have a yeast infection right now, at the start of my fertile period. *shakes fist*

Fuck you, body! Fuck you!
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