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The Life and Times of a Caffeine Addict

And believe me, it takes a lot of caffeine to keep this fangirl going

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Birthdate:Aug 2
Location:Montreal, Canada
Website:My spiritual journal

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“Who” is just so subjective, don’t you think? Who I am changes daily, what with cells replacing themselves, ideas evolving, new skills acquired, old skills falling by the wayside.
- from the weblog of Arin Murphy-Hiscock, author of Solitary Wicca For Life, and former teacher of mine.

I'm 32 (wow, really...), bilingual (French and English), Canadian to the core, Wiccan (yes, I took my initiation, and no, I will not share my lineage, as I believe lineage is only relevant to one's practice and place within a Trad, not within the community at large...). I'm also fangirl, a caffeine addict, a knitter, and a terrible housekeeper. I'm essentially an only child, but love my stepsister as if we shared blood and genetic material.

Fandoms: Currently only "involved" in the Ghostbusters fandom, especially the 88MPH comic!verse even though that was very short-lived, as well as movie!verse. Trying and failing to get back into the cartoon. I'm fannish about Lord of the Rings, its actors, Lost, it's cast and crew, and Harry Potter... and it's actors.

List of things/places wot need doing/visiting when athena5897 comes to visit:

-Go to Quebec City.
-Have hot cocoa at Juliette & Chocolat.
-Visit Charme et Sortilege.
-Go to Old Montreal.
-Have a poutine at Leo's. (That's my life's equivalent of Luke's Diner in Gilmore Girls.)
-Take a tour of Montreal via boat. (which really, is more like staring at the old city from afar)
-Get roaring drunk.
-Get a tattoo.

Am I missing anything?
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