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OBVIOUSLY SPOILERS, for the comic, that is!

So, I'll start from the beginning. Actually, in the beginning, there isn't much. We find out Janine is dating some dude named Roger, that he's sent her flowers, and that she's spoken for, thankyouverymuch.

So, this stays like this for awhile, until Egon first meets said boyfriend (who happens to look like himself in Extreme Ghostbusters... but that'll get lampshaded later, more than once).

He first stares at the hand Roger offers for a handshake, without accepting it. Also note the disapproval of Roger's nickname for Janine.

 photo nohandshake.jpg

Before rudely walking off. Because Spengs does not have time for this shit.

 photo notimeforyourshit.jpg

Some time later, they're off in New Orleans on ghostbusting business. They meet the Vaudou Queen, Marie Laveau who is... still alive? Maybe not? She asks Egon what his scan told him and he tells her "That you aren't really alive." And she goes into a "Well, neither are you! There's more to life than breathing." implying love is a huge part of life and he's been shunning that part of himself, but, here take this *hands him a gris-gris bag*, keep it and forget about it until you're ready to feel alive and use it then.

And despite being Scoffy McScofferson who doesn't believe in this stuff, after their work in NOLA is done, he stuffs the gris-gris bag in his pocket (seemingly unaware that *cough*gris-gris for attraction should be worn over/close to the genitals*coughs*).

 photo grisgrispocket.jpg

At some point, Egon is conducting experiments on the roof of the firehouse. Janine, wanting to be nice, brings him a Thermos of coffee, and mentions off-handish, that she is leaving on lunch to go to a sushi place with Roger. Yum! Then this exchange happens... because Egon may not be overtly emotional, but he's good at recognizing patterns:

 photo tryingtomakehimjealous1.jpg

 photo tryingtomakehimjealous2.jpg

Honestly, he's being a little rude about it...

 photo tryingtomakehimjealous3.jpg

But then... after she angrily stomps off, he does admit to himself that he thinks he may totally be jealous!

 photo totallyjealous.jpg

Later on, the guys spent some time, hours to them, months to everyone else, between dimensions after being abducted by entities known as The Collectors. When they finally blasted their way back through the dimensional barrier by detonating Ray's proton pack, Janine was so relieved that, despite still being in a relationship with Roger, she did this!

 photo kiss.jpg

He looks shocked, but not too upset.

 photo beensoworried.jpg

A couple of weeks later...

Janine's soul was abducted by some of her ancestors because she made a mistake in a test of bravery they tried to put her through. She was spending the night at Roger's when it happened. Worried Roger is Worried!

So Roger runs to get the one person he knows and trusts can help out: Egon Spengler! But then he interrupts an experiment and Egon is livid.

And very, very rude. "YOU!"

 photo YOU.jpg

And even though he's angry, cranky, grumpy and being a rude ass, he notices the yellow slime on Roger's sweater and follows him back to his place, where they start arguing about how best to help Janine.

So rude, Spengs. Professor Baugh is just trying to help!

 photo sorudespengs.jpg

So, they both (Egon and Roger) say stuff to the Viking-like horde that they don't like, and the leader decides to force them into an out-of-body experience into Janine's subconscious/mind/memories.

Where they roam through from her birth to the present, while Egon continues with the rudeness, and Roger finds out exactly what Janine feels for Egon Spengler.

 photo jobinterview.jpg

Which makes Egon mildly uncomfortable, but he hid it with more rude comments. Again, Spengs. Rude!

 photo lightfromheavens.jpg

But then Roger asks him how he managed to not notice, because Janine was being perfectly obvious about her being interested... And Egon admits he noticed, and doesn't even try to deny he was interested... he was busy, at the time!

 photo mmmh.jpg

Poor Roger then found out about the kiss, which happened a couple of weeks before. Please note how Egon seems to think: "If I ignore it, maybe he won't see it! *walks, staring straight ahead*" Didn't work!

 photo bonetopick.jpg

When they're told it's none of their concerns, Egon does not take it well. "A vested interest" huh? Oh, do tell me more, Egon.

I'll spare you seeing the panels where Roger finds out about Janine's relationship with Louis Tully, especially since he finds out while they're either making out or having sex (your mileage may vary, but she does moan "Oh, Louis!" off-camera) on Peter Venkman's couch on the New Year's Eve where the boys battled Vigo the Carpathian.

They then manage to rescue the damsel in distress, get popped out of Janine's mind, while Janine woke up from her trance, and Egon manages to use a wall-mounted trap to suck the ghosts straight into the Containment Unit. Then he realized he was being the third wheel, and that Janine and Roger probably needed alone time to talk about what went through, and he went downstairs to check on the ECU.

Not bad for someone who's supposedly insensitive...

 photo excuseme.jpg

Janine and Roger did talk a bit, but Roger told her he was not comfortable with having seen some of the stuff he saw in her mind, and that they needed to have a real talk but not tonight. She then got worried because no good conversation ever started that way, and he told her what was important was not where it started, but where it ended. He then gave her a kiss on the forehead (he's sweet, and adorable, and absolutely adores her, poor guy) and told her he'd see her Thursday for racquetball. She agreed to the date.

Now, you'll have to excuse the art shift. Dan Schoening took a well-deserved vacation for two issues.

But in the aftermath of spending time in Janine's mind... Egon felt weird... something he isn't sure he's felt before. But there had to be a scientific explanation for it. He just refused to sleep until he found out why! And got unusually grumpy in the process.

He's had an ordeal on the mental plane, Peter! Now leave him alone!

 photo mentalplane.jpg

So Egon ran tests on himself and was upset that they showed him to be absolutely normal! How could he be?! Impossible!!!

 photo feeloff.jpg

I mean, he's worried, because nothing is wrong!

 photo worried.jpg

And he can't be happy until he knows why nothing's wrong! And Janine suddenly literally can't even with him.

 photo canteven.jpg

And he eventually finds a gamma wave variance of 0.00076%... which seems like nothing, but, see, Egon Spengler is a very precise sort of man!

 photo variance.jpg

But he still couldn't figure out what that variance met. I think I know... *singsongvoice* Egon loves Janine! */singsongvoice*

Weeks or months later, Egon and Janine looked like they were each other's date to the Zeddemore wedding. But it wasn't so, see... Peter accurately guesses, again, that Janine and Roger's relationship is a now a bit strained. And that is probably why he wasn't her date to the Zeddemore wedding.

 photo blondie.jpg

So, they're basically about to battle Gozer and Tiamat, and Egon stayed behind with Kylie Griffin (long story, she's adorbs, we love her), to run tests on Dana Barrett and Louis Tully who were possessed by Tiamat's minion critters.

And Dana, who appears to be on friendly terms with Spengie, asks him a seemingly innocent question, which he refuses to address:

 photo wontbediscussing.jpg

Wait! Neither of them want to talk about it? Did we miss something?

 photo wait.jpg

Now I'm confused. Have they, or haven't they?

Finally, I think Grumpy Cat is Egon's spirit animal. Or he's just pissy because Kylie called him old.

 photo oldpriest.jpg

Heavily edited from its twin in LJ, mostly because I got screen capture happy.

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Dana's in the comics? :D


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