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We have three more issues of Ghostbusters: Get Real coming (the movieverse/Real Ghostbusters crossover).

Next, we're getting a Ghostbusters Annual comic in the fall.

Burnham is working on an "Abridged" Tobin's Spirit Guide with Kyle Hotz (who penciled and inked Ghostbusters: Infestation) with Insight Editions (looks like the publisher will have more than one Ghostbusters-related product coming, including something on the history of the franchise, whether that is history of the Ghostbusters as a fictional business, or of the franchise as a whole, I have no clue). I'm not sure if Hotz will be illustrating, since he's also a writer, so he may well be co-writing it with Burnham. I would have preferred Tristan Jones as artist, because his stuff is deliciously creepy and eerie. But if Hotz pencils and inks, it should be pretty good, as he can also do creepy pretty well.

And, finally...


IDW Ghostbusters Ongoing, Volume 3, Status: CONFIRMED! Coming in 2016!!! *happy dance* I actually screamed out loud when I saw Erik Burnham's tweet.

That is not counting the new movie, which, I know, opinions are divided on. I'm excited and refuse to judge it until I've seen the final product. I like the looks of what I am seeing, so far. I like the cast, how they look, how the equipment looks (different, but neat in its own way), how the costumes look. I can't wait until we have a trailer, to start being able to gauge things, while hopefully still having surprises in the movie. I've watched some bystander videos and I've been spoiled for a few things, if they make the final cut, but I'll be hush-hush on here unless something really exciting comes up, then I'll put it under a cut.
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