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This be the living room. Dark, we forgot to turn on the lights, lol. Also, backlit from the patio door.

 photo IMG_14511.jpg

The living room from the opposite corner. A small view into the kitchen (yes, it's messy, they haven't put in all the appliances yet, but we're moving in on the 6th, so it will be done by then), and the entryway with the tile!

 photo IMG_14531.jpg

The kitchen, with washer and dryer on the left (they have their "closet" they go into on the right hand side), dishwasher sticking out in front of the stove, and fridge.

 photo IMG_14541.jpg

Even the bathroom has recessed lighting, whaaaaaat?

 photo IMG_14551.jpg

The second bedroom, it's tiny, but it'll do!

 photo IMG_14561.jpg

The mead hideyhole second bedroom's closet door.

 photo IMG_14571.jpg

The master bedrooom.

 photo IMG_14581.jpg

The master bedroom's double closet's doors, and John's shadow on the wall of the hallway.

 photo IMG_14591.jpg

The hallway, with the air exchange vents. Woohoo! That was contributing to so much cooling in there! Our windows aren't air conditioner-friendly, so we're not sure we can use our units in that place.

 photo IMG_14601.jpg

The view from the patio doors (onto the parking lot for the grocery store across the street, oh, and the wooded park to the right).

 photo IMG_14611.jpg

This is the other end of the balcony... hello tree!

 photo IMG_14621.jpg

Date: 2015-05-31 10:06 pm (UTC)
shadowspar: Pic of Kurama holding a rose (kurama - rose)
From: [personal profile] shadowspar
Wow, nice! Looks great!

And re: the recessed lighting...idk, I'm still kinda wondering where this trend of going apeshit with the pot lights came from, and whether or not it's over yet. ^_^;


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