serendipity8791: (Egon "Mr Fanservice" Spengler)
2015-03-20 09:07 am

This is day 2 or 3 without prednisone...

And I'm still eating all the things.

I just had two Bacon Egg McMuffins because my stomach was hurting from hunger. And I had a substantial supper, last night, including three (yogurt, garlic and herb-marinated) chicken drumsticks. So it's not like I had something that doesn't satisfy. Plenty of protein.

In other news, my already intense girl-crush on Aisha Tyler has only intensified further last night, after watching her play Cards Against Humanity on TableTop. I want to have her babies. What did John have to say to that? "Only if I get to join in." Okay then!

So, IDW is going to be releasing a Real Ghostbusters (yes, the cartoon) and IDW Ghostbusters crossover. The mini-series starts in June.

However. This came on the heels of the editor announcing he has big news for the Ghostbusters comic that he'll unveil at WonderCon (the weekend of March 27-29) and Erik Burnham will be announcing stuff, which may or may not be related, at Emerald City Comic-Con the following weekend.

Could they be talking about a Volume 3? I hope they're announcing a Volume 3! And an RGB/IDWGB crossover would be a good way to launch Volume 3.