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Apparently, there is a website that has sent bots to AO3 to steal people's fanworks and make money off them (mostly through ad revenue but you also need to give a credit card to make an account in order to access the works? skeevy as fuck if you ask me!).

I do not know how to feel about this, because holy crap, I don't want to lock down my works on there so only registered users can read it, but at the same time, I don't want to have to deal with filling and sending a DMCA if it does come to happen.

AO3 isn't doing much beyond telling people they should lock their works to prevent that from happening for now, they are apparently looking into it, but appear to be pretty sure there isn't much they can do.


I am NOT going to, no way, no how. Nuh-uh!

Here is a Tumblr post about it.
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I may have forgotten to mention it in an actual post, but a piece of Egon/Janine fluff I wrote is going to be published in a multi-fandom (the publisher calls it multimedia, whatever) fanzine. It's set in the IDW comic universe and has a few spoilers for the series, namely most of the hints that the writer wanted this couple to happen, but Sony kept the reins on that, mostly, while allowing some stuff.

I'm excited, but not that much, because it's a fanzine, not anything big or official that'll get me fame and fortune. I'm not even expecting to become fandom famous. XD
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I am going to be putting my writing muscles to the test. More or less. But at least, trying to figure out voices with writing prompts. So I lurked a fic prompt community and just jotted down words that either triggered a basic plot bunny or seemed more challenging, and built my own table.

Of fifty (yes, 50) writing prompts.

Here it is, under the cut! )

Now, off to have fun.


Apr. 6th, 2015 10:51 pm
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Of course, now that I need to re-write a sex scene (that is always so awkard, I prefer to do one take and have it over with to that). I feel the need to write something else.

I want to write a pre-Ghostbusters-as-a-business flashback-fest, where Ray, Peter and Egon reminisce over their years doing research together at Columbia, and all the stuff that happened during that time, small things, but big things too. Peter illicitly having sexual encounters with women in the office they all shared, to hilarious results when Ray and Egon walk in on him. Egon getting the call that his father has fallen ill. Ray getting the call about his parents' plane crash. Peter and Ray setting Egon drunk for the heck of it by spiking his soda with liquor (again with hilarious results of Egon getting uninhibited and things get funny-weird until he ends up with his head down a toilet or puking in a trash can, and the next day, he's hungover and mad as heck at the both of them). Peter, repeatedly trying to get Egon dates, only for Egon to successfully unload them on Ray, who gets lots of action for a time, until Peter figures out what Egon is up to. Late nights brainstorming and working in their office together, with too much fast food and junk food and gallons of coffee to stay awake.

Stuff like that.

Sorry for the wall of text, I was just brainstorming, but I really want to write that.

No smarm, no h/c beyond dealing with a bit of normal-in-one's-life grief and men being uncomfortable around each other when emotions show, and shenanigans.
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Cropped out is his hand on her shoulder, and from the angle his arm is around her and he's pulling her in to kiss her.

Oh, and movie/IDW!Janine is in tears in the background, because movie/IDW!Egon is about to kiss her self from an alternate dimension.

But it's Egon/Janine on a cover! *hearteyes*
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The variant cover for Ghostbusters: Get Real (the IDW/RGB crossover) melted my brain. I can't brain anymore.

Poor IDW!Janine, though!


Apr. 4th, 2015 01:29 pm
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I finished the PG version of that Egon/Janine story I was working on ages ago that got me squees.

Now I just need to have it beta'ed and I'll post it.

Possibly on here first.

Maybe on AO3.

But I also got a request to make it smutty, so... maybe there'll be two versions. :P
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I got bereated (by my boss' boss) for speaking English to a restaurant cashier this morning, while getting my breakfast at Tim Horton's.

She asked me why I was speaking to the lady in English.

The only answer I had was basically "I don't know..."

But yes, I know. How about, even though I'm Francophone, I've been living basically the past 10-15 years almost exclusively in English outside of work and with my immediate and extended family? How about the fact that English is spoken almost exclusively in my home, right now, because my fiancé nearly doesn't speak French? How about the fact that this is motherfucking Canada and the whole country has two official languages and that I don't care about the Provincial laws because, to me, Federal laws for the same rights should always have precedence? How about the fact that I'm barely awake yet, and my last interpersonal interaction has been in English, so that's sort of where the switch in my brain is stuck? How about the fact that I think to myself in English about 95% of the time and more?

But yeah, being a Francophone in Quebec means that none of these things are possible, for some people. It is unthinkable that a Francophone might be able to brain in English (I can science in English, too, no problems there!). Being a Francophone in Quebec also has you labeled as weird if you aren't a staunch pro-French Sovereignist/Distinct Society supporter (because some Federalists are a bit of the latter, they like being Canadian, but they like the Distinct Society label) by a lot of people.
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I was invited to go hang out for finger foods and drinks at a (now former) co-worker's home, who is moving back to France in a few weeks.

So John took the opportunity to go hang out at his best friend's place, which is at the other end of the large complex we're also moving into (but we're moving into a fully renovated unit) and, since he doesn't drive, I drove him there. Because I didn't want to spend more than necessary, I decided to just park there, and take the train from there into work, so I did a trial run of walking to and from that train station.

It's a really boring stretch of road lined with small and medium apartment buildings and attached townhouses. But the walk is only about 10 minutes, if that, and the attached parking is still free (because there had been rumours there would be a fee to park there), so if worse comes to worst and the conditions aren't all that great (like really heavy rain that an umbrella won't be enough for or something) I can always drive there, as it's maybe a two minute drive, or take the bus, if the times match up.

I can't wait to move!

We're currently starting to look for furniture, because most of the furniture we have is old and/or second hand and needs to be replaced (save the kitchen table, but we might want a new one anyway, and our bed, which is new). The couch is over 20 years old and is uncomfortable to sit on, and that's just the start of it. We're thinking Ikea mainly because a lot of their stuff is compact, perfect for apartment living, and our place is not going to be bigger than here, just the divisions are more convenient. It also comes with five appliances (refrigerator, stove, dishwasher - yes, you read that right, washer and dryer), so we're really excited, even though that means we need to sell my stove and my mini-washer, we're keeping my fridge as a drinks fridge, which'll go into the second bedroom until we have a kid, then we'll see.

We were also planning on getting a new cage for Charlie-bird, because hers is relatively narrow and she's a big cockatiel with a wide wingspan, but we'll see how the money holds up to buying all we need for the new place.


Mar. 27th, 2015 09:07 am
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For some reason I thought Kristen Schaal was around 41-43 years old (and looking young for her age)... turns out she's only 6 months older than me (she's already 37 but I'm going to be in August).

Sorry Kristen! I can't gauge people's ages well, because I look like I'm basically late 20s. :/ Forgive me, gurl, I love you!
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Hey, as of this morning, I got four hits and already two kudos.

Well... okay then!

Egon's face on my icon was pretty much my face when I saw that. XD Except my glasses weren't on my face, yet.
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Posting this to AO3.

It's short. It's not that great. And I'm not sure anyone who hasn't read IDW's Ghostbusters will get it or not be offended by it. After all, Mel isn't an OFC, she's canon (except for the fact that she and Peter don't have a friends-with-benefits type of friendship as far as we know).

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And I'm still eating all the things.

I just had two Bacon Egg McMuffins because my stomach was hurting from hunger. And I had a substantial supper, last night, including three (yogurt, garlic and herb-marinated) chicken drumsticks. So it's not like I had something that doesn't satisfy. Plenty of protein.

In other news, my already intense girl-crush on Aisha Tyler has only intensified further last night, after watching her play Cards Against Humanity on TableTop. I want to have her babies. What did John have to say to that? "Only if I get to join in." Okay then!

So, IDW is going to be releasing a Real Ghostbusters (yes, the cartoon) and IDW Ghostbusters crossover. The mini-series starts in June.

However. This came on the heels of the editor announcing he has big news for the Ghostbusters comic that he'll unveil at WonderCon (the weekend of March 27-29) and Erik Burnham will be announcing stuff, which may or may not be related, at Emerald City Comic-Con the following weekend.

Could they be talking about a Volume 3? I hope they're announcing a Volume 3! And an RGB/IDWGB crossover would be a good way to launch Volume 3.
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I was planning on working on that fan fic I had started awhile back, work kinks (of the storytelling kind, get your minds out of the gutter!) out of the flow of it, and whatnot, but the nagging cough I'd had for four days suddenly decided to bloom into the cold it was always meant to be yesterday afternoon, and I am so freaking pooped, I can barely function, aside from sitting on the couch playing Tetris on my phone.

Especially after running errands and whatnot.

My whole torso hurts from all the coughing I've been doing, and I am constantly hungry from the Prednisone.


Oh, well, at least, it's not bronchitis.

For now.
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I've had this nagging dry cough since Monday, my bronchi feel inflamed, and I only just started having a productive, slightly wet cough.

I have NO OTHER cold symtpoms, aside from occasional bouts of runny nose that last about 4 minutes once a day or so.

I have no clue.

I'm also not the only person in the office with the same symptoms and John has more of the same. Except everyone else only has the dry cough, no real tightness in their chests (because, they don't have asthma).


It's only the second time I'm sick this cold/flu season, so I can't really complain, now can I?

I am armed with my asthma protocol (Salbutamol, Pulmicort and Prednisone) as well as an expectorant/cough-suppressant syrup that tastes like ass, but works!

Oh, and IDW is teasing a IDW GB/RGB crossover, and they apparently have a pretty big announcement coming for Ghostbusters. Methinks the inception of Ghost Corps (haha, can't wait for the GBCU to get launched and hope it gets traction!) is going to get them going on a Volume 3 of the comic!


It's a good time to be involved in this fandom! I really honestly hope the fandom gets re-ignited!

Edit: Because I can't type while coughing, lol.


Mar. 5th, 2015 06:27 pm
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The verdict was that there is no evidence of a clot, so the likelihood of DVT is near null.

Watching the Doppler imaging on the screen was fascinating.

They will be sending the images and results to my doctor who will then decide whether to order a different test or see if the bump goes away by itself.

It does behave a bit like a shin splint, so it could very well be that.
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He misunderstood, and it wasn't his creatinine levels that were high, it was his creatine kinase levels.

Now, creatine kinase also gives you an idea of renal function, and the levels being high can mean trouble (including muscular dystrophia, but if he had that, we'd probably already know, because doesn't MD start really young?).

But, you know what else can cause high creatine kinase levels? A really hard workout in the weight room.

On the Tuesday evening on the week his blood test was done, John had a session with a new trainer, and she REALLY pushed him. He still had pretty bad DOMS (Delayed-Onset Muscular Soreness) on the Friday morning, which was when he went in for his blood tests.

So his doctor was relieved that something like that had happened. He ordered new blood tests that John has to go in for this coming Monday or Tuesday (to his preference between the two) and he is basically banned from the gym and other strenuous exercise until then.

So we're sitting and waiting, but everyone is pretty confident it's only exercise-related muscle breakdown.
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This past weekend we went to visit my fiancé's family, in Ottawa.

His aunt and uncle were super excited to show us their new toy. A sailboat in the Caribbean that they will charter out when they aren't using it. (They have money, well-earned too!)

It took my brain 72 hours to process that, not only do I know people who make enough money to own a sailboat anchored in motherfucking Tortola, but that we've been invited to go out on it, when our vacation time can be taken at the same time and the stars align just right.


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About John's creatinine levels (he was called to go see his doctor, they gave him an emergency appointment today), and the possible clot in my leg than about the breast thing.

Clots freak me out more than the thin possibility of a breast mass.

Because I'm weird and I don't like the unpredictability of clots.

Also, and this amuses me greatly, the doctor ordered a blood test to see if I have coeliac disease. I'm amused because I scoff at the gluten-free fad (NOT at people who have very real reasons to avoid the stuff, but at the fad-dieters out there), mainly because it downplays the seriousness of people who have to avoid it if they don't want to get seriously ill.

If I have a positive diagnosis for coeliac, watch me get very mad at people who don't even know why they are avoiding the stuff!
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