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I wrote an Egon/Janine fic yesterday that could qualify as hurt/comfort, but more hurt and angst than comfort.

I mused, a little while ago, that I don't think he'd realize fully that he does have feelings for this woman, unless he came really close to losing her in a fearful way, not in a "she has yet another boyfriend that reminds me of myself *eyeroll*" kind of way. The IDW canon has made it clear he's interested, without saying it explicitly, but you still don't have to read too much between the lines to find evidence he's not indifferent.

I'll post the evidence here, when I can, because I'm about to start work in about a dozen minutes and don't have time to elaborate. While the writer keeps repeating that not everything is a subplot, and things that were supposed to be subplots turned into nothing at all from the story being taken elsewhere, and other things not meant to be subplot were taken as such. But I think his opinion is very much that he's a bit of a shipper, he just hasn't had the okay to make the relationship move forward.

He did put Roger "Loverboy" Baugh on a bus, though, so we'll see where that goes, for Volume 3, which is due to start next Spring (yay!). (For what it's worth, I did like Roger. He was a good, well-meaning boyfriend, and he seemed to love Janine deeply. But their relationship did get awkward after he found out Janine kissed Egon - long story - and I think that was why he took that teaching position in San Francisco and asked her to move with him, to get her away from his rival. Poor Roger.)
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