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But we ran out of boxes, so we wound up unpacking some stuff, then doing multiple runs back and forth between the old place and the new, which lasted until Wednesday (good thing too, because even though I paid Canada Post to forward my mail, a package we were waiting for was delivered to the old place THAT day when we were almost on our way out for the last time, I should call and yell at Canada Post for that).

So now we're pretty much done with the old place. Just need to turn in my keys, but I have until the end of the month for that.

The place is still a mess because due to the running around for half the week, we didn't exactly feel like unpacking aside from the stuff that needed to be so we could use those boxes. It's been an exhausting "vacation" week, to say the least. I'm almost going to be glad to go back to work. Today we're chilling, until we get to go pick John's friend up at his work at the airport, then going to lunch with him, before driving home, then it's going to be laundry, and unpacking stuff until bed time (punctuated with breaks for food, but we have enough Haitian rice and beans to feed an army right now).

Charlie-bird is acclimating pretty well, mind you, as long as I'm there, she knows she isn't being abandoned, so that helps, but I'm not sure how she'll react to the first work week.

This place is definitely smaller than the old one, and we may have to continue purging in the weeks and months to come. Oh, well, we have too much stuff anywyay.

Speaking of stuff, our first piece of "mail" here, aside from the confirmation of change of address from Canada Post, was a food processor John ordered with our Air Miles points, and it's AMAZING. We've already made coleslaw twice with it (in seconds, holy crap!) and soft-serve frozen yogurt from yogurt and frozen fruit that was deliciously tart. OMNOMNOM.

Our second pieces of mail was a fanzine I had a little Egon/Janine fluff thing published in, along with the change-of-address sticker for my driver's license.
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