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Janine had somehow found, after Egon brought her home from their previous date, that if she stood one step up from the sidewalk, on the stoop leading into her building, in high heels, she was almost eye level with him. And yet again, that night, she climbed up one step, so they could say their good nights.

“So…” she said, her voice trailing off.

“I suppose I’ll see you tomorrow?” he replied, looking at her.

“What? That’s it?” she said, her tone sarcastic. “I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“I’m sorry. This isn’t something I’m used to…”

She let out a frustrated sigh, before gripping the lapels of his jacket with both hands and pulling him to her. Without any more warning, their lips met, and his entire body tensed up as she kissed him full on the mouth. It seemed to take a few seconds for his brain to process what was happening. She was about to pull back, when he started leaning into the kiss while placing tentative fingertips at her waist, seemingly unsure what to do with his hands, but doing what felt right in a way that let his body ask the question as to whether this was the right thing to do.

Before she finally pulled away, she nipped gently at his lower lip, then whispered: “I'll leave you to think about that for awhile.”

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