Mar. 29th, 2015

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I was invited to go hang out for finger foods and drinks at a (now former) co-worker's home, who is moving back to France in a few weeks.

So John took the opportunity to go hang out at his best friend's place, which is at the other end of the large complex we're also moving into (but we're moving into a fully renovated unit) and, since he doesn't drive, I drove him there. Because I didn't want to spend more than necessary, I decided to just park there, and take the train from there into work, so I did a trial run of walking to and from that train station.

It's a really boring stretch of road lined with small and medium apartment buildings and attached townhouses. But the walk is only about 10 minutes, if that, and the attached parking is still free (because there had been rumours there would be a fee to park there), so if worse comes to worst and the conditions aren't all that great (like really heavy rain that an umbrella won't be enough for or something) I can always drive there, as it's maybe a two minute drive, or take the bus, if the times match up.

I can't wait to move!

We're currently starting to look for furniture, because most of the furniture we have is old and/or second hand and needs to be replaced (save the kitchen table, but we might want a new one anyway, and our bed, which is new). The couch is over 20 years old and is uncomfortable to sit on, and that's just the start of it. We're thinking Ikea mainly because a lot of their stuff is compact, perfect for apartment living, and our place is not going to be bigger than here, just the divisions are more convenient. It also comes with five appliances (refrigerator, stove, dishwasher - yes, you read that right, washer and dryer), so we're really excited, even though that means we need to sell my stove and my mini-washer, we're keeping my fridge as a drinks fridge, which'll go into the second bedroom until we have a kid, then we'll see.

We were also planning on getting a new cage for Charlie-bird, because hers is relatively narrow and she's a big cockatiel with a wide wingspan, but we'll see how the money holds up to buying all we need for the new place.


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