Mar. 2nd, 2015

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I was supposed to have a check up including a Pap smear today.

That Pap smear did not happen.

See, starting in December, I started noticing a bit of a dip forming on my left breast. So I mentioned it to my doctor. Well, she did feel something, but the words out of her mouth were "It feels like it's probably just an abscess." (I looked it up, and it does fit the bill for sub-areolar abscesses, so she's likely right.) However. Due to my mammary reduction back in 2003, I have a LOT of scar tissue. To the point where the doctor said something along the lines of "Too much is going on in there, so we'll order an ultrasound or a mammogram to make 100% sure it's benign, just in case." That is one of the issues that is often found with breast reduction surgeries, is that they might have to order extra and not always necessary tests to be sure of what they felt.

On the plus side, my lymph nodes all feel normal, which is a really good sign. With the size of what she felt, if it were cancer (but it's not placed where most cancers show up, another good sign), my lymph nodes, at least on that side, would be swollen or lumpy and that whole area would be more of a mess.

So I have to choose if I want to go to the private sector, or the public sector (the difference between having a breast ultrasound done in within a month, or waiting a little over two months for a mammogram, also, the difference between paying $100 which may be non-refundable out of pocket and being covered by Quebec's public healthcare), then make an appointment.

I also have had a bump on my leg she's investigating. It could be an injury I didn't realize I had, but it could also be a clot, so I have an ultrasound for that in the next week or so (they'll call me to set up an appointment).

AND I FINALLY HAVE AN EPIPEN PRESCRIPTION! After 18 years of trying to get an Rx for one due to my severe allergy to sole! WAT?!

My Pap smear has been rescheduled to April. LOL.


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